Last Viking God of Valhalla v0.31.13 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Health, No Hunger)

App Name Last Viking: God of Valhalla
Size 270M
Mod Features Unlimited Gold/Health, No Hunger
Latest Version 0.31.13
Update October 23, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Last Viking: God of Valhalla Mod APK immerses players in epic Norse adventures, with brutal combat, divine powers, and legendary battles, as they strive for a place in Valhalla.

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In the mystical realm of Last Viking: God of Valhalla Mod APK, players embark on an extraordinary journey through the rugged landscapes of Norse mythology. This action-adventure game seamlessly combines the rich lore of the Vikings with thrilling gameplay to offer an immersive and unforgettable experience. As players don the mantle of the Last Viking, they are thrust into a world teeming with gods, monsters, and epic battles. With an intricately woven narrative, breathtaking visuals, and heart-pounding combat, Last Viking: God of Valhalla promises an odyssey like no other.

Last Viking: God of Valhalla


Last Viking: God of Valhalla immerses players in the world of Norse mythology, drawing from the ancient sagas and legends of the Viking people. The game faithfully recreates the realms of Asgard, Midgard, and the underworld, Helheim, each exquisitely detailed and teeming with mythological creatures and deities. From the imposing halls of Valhalla to the treacherous waters of the serpent Jörmungandr, the game’s world is a visual masterpiece, capturing the essence of the Viking age with authenticity and respect for its source material.


The game’s protagonist, the Last Viking, is a warrior on a quest to prove his worthiness to enter the hallowed halls of Valhalla. Driven by the desire to earn a place among the honored fallen warriors, he embarks on an epic journey fraught with challenges, both physical and supernatural. Players must navigate a series of meticulously designed levels that take them through forests, icy mountains, and perilous fjords. Along the way, they will encounter a myriad of foes, from trolls and draugrs to legendary Norse beasts, each demanding strategic combat skills to conquer.

Last Viking: God of Valhalla


Combat in Last Viking: God of Valhalla is visceral and engaging, drawing inspiration from the brutal and heroic battles of Viking lore. Players wield a variety of weapons, from classic swords and axes to more mystical artifacts like Mjölnir, Thor’s mighty hammer. The combat system offers a mix of strategic planning and real-time action, encouraging players to adapt to different enemy types and exploit their weaknesses. As players hone their skills, they can unlock devastating special moves and magical abilities that add depth and excitement to the battles.


In the world of Last Viking: God of Valhalla, the gods play a pivotal role in the Last Viking’s journey. As players progress, they earn the favor of Norse deities like Odin, Freyja, and Loki, each bestowing unique blessings and abilities. These divine gifts not only enhance combat prowess but also influence the unfolding storyline, allowing players to make choices that impact their character’s fate and shape the game’s outcome. Choosing alliances with different gods adds a layer of depth to the narrative and gameplay, making each playthrough a distinct experience.

Last Viking: God of Valhalla


Throughout the game, players encounter ancient runestones that hold the secrets of the Viking cosmos. These runestones present intricate puzzles and challenges, requiring players to tap into their problem-solving skills and knowledge of Norse mythology. Solving these mysteries not only unlocks hidden treasures and shortcuts but also unveils additional layers of the game’s captivating narrative, providing a rewarding and immersive experience for those who seek to delve deeper into the world of Last Viking.


The Last Viking can enhance his equipment and appearance through a robust crafting system. Gathering resources from the environment, players can forge powerful weapons and armor with unique properties. Additionally, they can customize their character’s appearance, from tattoos and hairstyles to clothing and accessories, allowing for a truly personalized Viking hero. This attention to detail extends the immersion and ensures that each player’s Last Viking is a unique representation of their journey.

Last Viking: God of Valhalla


Last Viking: God of Valhalla boasts epic boss battles that are as challenging as they are awe-inspiring. Players will face off against colossal foes from Norse mythology, such as the fire giant Surtr and the wolf Fenrir, in intense and cinematic encounters. These battles require not only skill but also a deep understanding of the enemy’s tactics and weaknesses. Victory over these legendary adversaries is a true test of a Viking’s valor.


The ultimate objective of Last Viking: God of Valhalla is to earn a place in Valhalla, the grand hall of the fallen warriors in Norse mythology. To achieve this, players must gather the souls of defeated foes, perform heroic deeds, and gain the favor of the gods. The journey to Valhalla is filled with twists and turns, challenging players to make moral choices that impact the game’s ending. The allure of Valhalla serves as a constant motivator, driving players to prove their mettle in the face of formidable challenges.

Last Viking: God of Valhalla


For those who prefer to share their Viking adventure, Last Viking: God of Valhalla offers a robust multiplayer mode. Players can team up with friends or other adventurers from around the world to tackle quests, explore the vast game world, and face epic bosses together. Cooperative play introduces new dynamics to combat and puzzle-solving, fostering camaraderie and enhancing the overall gaming experience.


Last Viking: God of Valhalla dazzles the senses with its stunning visuals and evocative audio design. From the haunting melodies of Nordic instruments to the thunderous clash of weapons in battle, the game’s audio draws players deeper into the Viking world. Meanwhile, the meticulously crafted landscapes, dynamic weather systems, and intricate character animations create a visually immersive experience that captures the essence of Norse mythology.


Last Viking: God of Valhalla is a testament to the enduring allure of Norse mythology and the epic tales of the Viking age. It seamlessly blends a captivating narrative with thrilling gameplay, offering players a chance to live out their Viking fantasies in a meticulously crafted world. Whether battling monstrous creatures, forging alliances with gods, or solving the mysteries of the runestones, players will be drawn into a saga of heroism, sacrifice, and the pursuit of eternal glory. As the Last Viking, the fate of Valhalla rests in their hands, and the legacy they create will echo through the ages.


  • Immersive Norse Mythology: Dive deep into the world of Norse mythology, exploring the realms of Asgard, Midgard, and Helheim, with stunning attention to detail and authenticity.
  • Epic Viking Journey: Take on the role of the Last Viking, embarking on a quest to prove your worthiness for a place in Valhalla through intense battles and trials.
  • Visceral Combat: Engage in brutal, strategic combat using a wide array of weapons, from classic swords and axes to legendary artifacts like Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir.
  • Divine Powers: Earn the favor of Norse gods such as Odin, Freyja, and Loki, gaining unique abilities and shaping the game’s narrative with your choices.
  • Mystical Runestones: Solve intricate puzzles and uncover the secrets of ancient runestones, adding depth to the storyline and rewarding exploration.
  • Crafting and Customization: Forge powerful weapons and customize your Viking’s appearance, making your hero truly unique.
  • Legendary Boss Battles: Face colossal foes from Norse mythology, testing your skills and tactics in intense cinematic encounters.
  • Valhalla as the Ultimate Goal: Strive to earn your place in Valhalla, driving the game’s narrative and motivating your Viking journey.
  • Multiplayer and Cooperative Play: Team up with friends or other players worldwide to tackle quests, explore the vast world, and confront epic challenges together.
  • Immersive Audio and Visuals: Experience the Viking world through stunning visuals, dynamic weather systems, and an evocative audio design that enhances immersion.
  • Legacy Creation: Craft your own Viking legacy, with your actions and choices echoing through the ages in this unforgettable saga.
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