All Backup & Restore MOD APK v5.7.22 (Pro Unlocked)

App Name All Backup & Restore
Size 9M
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
Latest Version 5.7.22
Update March 28, 2024 (4 weeks ago)
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Effortlessly secure and restore vital data with All Backup & Restore. Your data, your peace of mind.


Safeguard your valuable data with the All Backup & Restore app, the #1 choice for seamless data protection. This application ensures the security of your applications, contacts, text messages, call history, and calendars by allowing you to easily back up and restore them to your internal storage. With a user-friendly interface, your data is in safe hands, ready to be retrieved whenever needed.


Preparation for Transition

Before performing a factory reset or changing your phone, make sure the default backup folder is located in your external SD card. If not, copy the entire backup folder (“AllBackup” by default) to your external SD card for a smooth transition. This precaution ensures that your data remains intact during the device switch.

Media File Consideration

Please note that the backup and restore functionality of All Backup & Restore does not cover photos, videos, or media files. Focus on securing your applications, contacts, messages, call history, and calendars with this app.

Limited to App Backups

Restore functionality works exclusively for data backed up with this application and cannot recover any previously deleted data. Ensure you have recent backups to restore your latest data.

Task Killer Integration

For users employing scheduled automatic backup functionality, be cautious if your phone has task killer or memory cleaner apps. Add All Backup & Restore to the ‘white list’ or ‘ignore list’ of these apps, ensuring seamless background operations for scheduled backups. Follow your device’s settings or the task killer app’s preferences to optimize your experience.

SMS Visibility Solution

In case SMS is not visible in the application after completing the SMS Restore process, a simple device restart might resolve the issue. Ensure your valuable text messages are accessible with ease.


  • Simple & Easy: Enjoy the simplicity of one-tap backup and restore functionality with All Backup & Restore. Effortlessly protect and recover your valuable data without any hassle.
  • Messages: Never worry about losing important text messages again. Back them up with a single tap and restore them whenever needed, ensuring your communication history is always within reach.
  • Call Logs: Preserve your call history even after resetting or formatting your device. Backup your call logs and store them securely, using the share option for added convenience.
  • Calendars: Keep track of your important events and birthdays. Backup your calendar events with ease and restore them at any time, ensuring you never miss a significant date.
  • Selective Backup: Customize the backup process according to your needs by choosing selective records from the list. This feature provides flexibility in securing the data that matters most to you.
  • Preview & Delete: Take control of your backup files by confirming their contents and deleting selective records with a long press. This feature adds an extra layer of customization to your data management.
  • Flexible Storage: Tailor your backup folder path from Settings to suit different storage preferences for various categories. All Backup & Restore adapts to your needs, ensuring flexibility in data storage.
  • Automatic Backup: Schedule automatic backups to ensure regular data protection and convenience. With All Backup & Restore, you can set it and forget it, knowing your data is consistently safeguarded.
  • Cloud Upload: For an extra layer of data security, safely upload your backup files to the cloud. All Backup & Restore goes beyond local storage, providing you with options for secure remote backups.


  • Read/Modify Text Messages (SMS/MMS): Used to backup & restore your SMS, ensuring your messages are always accessible.
  • Read/Modify Contacts: Facilitates the backup & restore of your contacts, keeping your address book secure.
  • Read/Modify Calendar Events: Utilized for the backup & restore of your calendars, ensuring your events are preserved.
  • Read/Modify Call Logs: Enables the backup & restore of your call logs, maintaining a comprehensive history.
  • Storage: Required permissions to store your backup files in internal or external storage. All Backup & Restore ensures your data is secure and accessible.


Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with reliable data backup and restore! Download All Backup & Restore and take control of your valuable data.

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