Rotation Orientation Manager MOD APK v28.0.0 (Pro Unlocked)

App Name Rotation Orientation Manager
Size 7M
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
Latest Version 28.0.0
Update February 7, 2024 (3 months ago)
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Rotation Orientation Manager: Effortlessly control screen orientation and rotation settings for a seamless mobile experience. Customize it your way.

Rotation Orientation Manager is a versatile and innovative mobile application that empowers users to take full control of their device’s orientation settings. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set, this app stands out as a must-have tool for anyone seeking to optimize their smartphone or tablet experience.

Rotation | Orientation Manager Rotation | Orientation Manager


In today’s digital world, smartphones and tablets have become indispensable tools in our daily lives. We rely on these devices for communication, entertainment, productivity, and much more. However, one aspect that often goes unnoticed is the device’s orientation settings. Rotation Orientation Manager addresses this often overlooked area, allowing users to enhance their device’s orientation settings to suit their unique needs and preferences.


One of the standout features of Rotation Orientation Manager is its ability to provide users with unparalleled customization options for their device’s orientation settings. Users can effortlessly switch between portrait and landscape modes, or even set up specific orientation profiles for individual apps. Whether you’re reading an e-book, watching a video, or playing games, this app ensures your device’s orientation suits your activity.


Tired of your screen flipping unintentionally when you move your device slightly? Rotation Orientation Manager offers a solution with its automatic rotation control feature. Users can set up rules and conditions to govern when their device should rotate and when it should stay fixed in a particular orientation. This feature ensures a seamless and frustration-free user experience.


For users who demand precise control over their device’s orientation, Rotation Orientation Manager delivers with its fine-tuning options. Adjust the rotation angles to the degree, ensuring your device follows your exact preferences. Whether you need a slight tilt for comfortable reading or a complete 180-degree flip for watching videos upside down, this app caters to your needs.


Concerned about the impact on your device’s battery life? Rotation Orientation Manager has been designed with efficiency in mind. It intelligently manages the orientation settings to minimize power consumption, ensuring that you can enjoy an optimized experience without draining your battery unnecessarily.


The app introduces the concept of task-specific profiles, allowing users to create custom orientation settings for specific tasks or apps. For instance, you can set up a profile that automatically switches to landscape mode when you open your favorite video streaming app and reverts to portrait mode when you return to your home screen. This level of customization streamlines your interaction with your device, making it more intuitive and efficient.


Rotation Orientation Manager caters not only to the everyday user but also to gamers seeking a competitive edge. By creating specific orientation profiles for your favorite games, you can ensure that your device’s screen orientation perfectly aligns with your gaming needs. Say goodbye to accidental screen rotations that disrupt your gameplay and focus on dominating the leaderboards.


With the advent of foldable smartphones and tablets, Rotation Orientation Manager remains at the forefront of device orientation control. It fully supports these cutting-edge devices, allowing users to make the most of their unique form factors. Whether you’re using your foldable device in tablet mode or folded like a traditional smartphone, this app ensures that the orientation adapts seamlessly.


Taking convenience to the next level, Rotation Orientation Manager offers gesture-based controls. Users can define custom gestures to quickly switch between orientation profiles or perform other orientation-related actions. This intuitive feature simplifies navigation and enhances the overall user experience.


Sometimes, you want to lock your screen orientation in a particular mode to prevent any accidental changes. Rotation Orientation Manager provides a quick and easy screen rotation lock feature, ensuring that your screen stays exactly as you want it until you decide to change it.


This app goes beyond basic orientation settings by incorporating intelligent features that adapt to your usage patterns. For example, it can learn when you prefer to use your device in portrait or landscape mode during different times of the day and automatically adjust the orientation accordingly.

Rotation | Orientation Manager Rotation | Orientation Manager Rotation | Orientation Manager


Unlike some other orientation control apps, Rotation Orientation Manager doesn’t require root access to function. This means you can enjoy the benefits of comprehensive orientation control without compromising your device’s security or warranty.


Rotation Orientation Manager is designed with ease of use in mind. Its intuitive and visually appealing interface allows users of all technical backgrounds to take advantage of its features without a steep learning curve. The app’s user-friendly design ensures that you can start customizing your device’s orientation settings right away.


The developers behind Rotation Orientation Manager are committed to providing regular updates and excellent customer support. They actively listen to user feedback and strive to improve the app continually. This commitment to enhancement ensures that Rotation Orientation Manager remains compatible with the latest devices and operating system updates.


Your privacy is of utmost importance. Rotation Orientation Manager operates solely within the confines of your device, requiring no access to your personal data, location, or internet connectivity. You can enjoy the benefits of enhanced orientation control with peace of mind.


With Rotation Orientation Manager, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re a professional who needs precise control over your device’s orientation for work, a gamer seeking the ultimate gaming experience, or simply someone who wants to optimize their smartphone or tablet usage, this app empowers you to tailor your device’s orientation settings to your exact preferences.


Don’t settle for the default orientation settings on your mobile device. Unlock a world of customization and convenience with Rotation Orientation Manager. Experience the power of precise orientation control, energy-efficient operation, and task-specific profiles. Download the app now and take your mobile experience to the next level. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a more personalized and efficient device orientation experience. Your device, your rules – Rotation Orientation Manager.

Rotation Orientation Manager is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring that users across the mobile spectrum can enjoy its benefits. Whether you have a smartphone, tablet, or foldable device, this app is your key to unlocking the full potential of your device’s orientation settings.


Rotation | Orientation Manager offers a plethora of powerful features designed to give users complete control over their device’s orientation settings:

  • Customizable Orientation Settings: Users can effortlessly switch between portrait and landscape modes and create specific orientation profiles for individual apps.
  • Automatic Rotation Control: Avoid unintentional screen flips with rules and conditions that govern when the device should rotate.
  • Fine-Tuning Options: Precise control over rotation angles to cater to individual preferences.
  • Energy-Efficient Operation: Intelligent management of orientation settings to minimize battery consumption.
  • Task-Specific Profiles: Create custom profiles for specific tasks or apps, streamlining device interaction.
  • Gaming Performance Boost: Tailor orientation settings for a competitive edge in gaming.
  • Support for Foldable Devices: Full compatibility with foldable smartphones and tablets, adapting to unique form factors.
  • Gesture-Based Control: Define custom gestures for quick orientation profile switches.
  • Screen Rotation Lock: Easily lock the screen orientation in place.
  • Intelligent Orientation Switching: Adapts to usage patterns to automatically adjust orientation.
  • No Root Required: Enjoy comprehensive orientation control without rooting your device.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design for users of all technical backgrounds.
  • Updates and Support: Regular updates and excellent customer support to ensure compatibility with the latest devices and operating systems.
  • Privacy Assurance: Operates solely within the device, respecting user privacy.

Rotation Orientation Manager empowers users to tailor their device’s orientation settings to their exact preferences, enhancing their mobile experience in various scenarios.

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