Pushbullet v18.10.5 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

App Name Pushbullet
Size 5M
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Latest Version 18.10.5
Update October 20, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Pushbullet Mod APK unifies your devices, seamlessly sharing notifications, files, and links. Stay connected effortlessly across your smartphone, tablet, and computer for a streamlined digital experience.

How to install

1. Install untouched version from Google Play Store
2. Open app and login via Google and finish setup.
3. Exit app and uninstall it.
4. Install this modded version.
5. Open and login via Google.

Google Auto Login Workaround:
Uninstall Mod/Original App > Reboot phone > Install official app from PlayStore > Login with Google > Uninstall It > install Mod and login > Enjoy

Pushbullet Mod APK is a versatile and innovative mobile application designed to revolutionize the way individuals interact with their digital devices and communicate seamlessly across multiple platforms. This all-encompassing app acts as a digital bridge, enabling users to share files, links, messages, and notifications effortlessly between their smartphones, tablets, and computers. With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, Pushbullet offers a unified and streamlined digital experience that enhances productivity, connectivity, and convenience.

Pushbullet: SMS on PC and more Pushbullet: SMS on PC and more


Pushbullet’s primary feature is its ability to effortlessly synchronize various devices, bridging the gap between different platforms and operating systems. Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, Pushbullet ensures that all your devices work together harmoniously.

By installing the Pushbullet app on your Android or iOS device and adding the browser extension to your preferred web browser, you can easily connect your devices. This connection allows you to send and receive texts, links, files, and notifications across all your devices, eliminating the need to constantly switch between screens and devices.


Pushbullet takes the hassle out of managing notifications across multiple devices. Users can forward notifications from their smartphones to their computers or tablets with just a few clicks, ensuring that important updates are never missed. This feature is especially useful for professionals who need to stay on top of their messages and alerts while working on a desktop or laptop.

Whether it’s a crucial email, an urgent message from a chat app, or breaking news alerts, Pushbullet ensures that notifications are seamlessly delivered to all your connected devices. This feature simplifies your digital life by providing a single point of access for all your important messages and updates.


Sharing files between devices has never been easier than with Pushbullet. The app allows you to send files of various formats, including photos, documents, videos, and more, between your devices. Whether you need to transfer a presentation from your computer to your smartphone or share vacation photos from your tablet to your friends, Pushbullet simplifies the process.

Moreover, Pushbullet also enables cross-device clipboard sharing. This means that you can copy text or links on one device and paste them on another without any hassle. It’s a convenient feature that saves time and minimizes the need to send emails to yourself just to access important information on a different device.


Pushbullet offers a quick and efficient way to share links from your computer or smartphone to your other devices. Instead of emailing yourself a link or relying on bookmarks, you can use Pushbullet to instantly push a webpage from one device to another. This feature is particularly handy for seamlessly transitioning between reading articles, watching videos, or browsing content across different devices.

Additionally, Pushbullet enhances the link-sharing experience by providing previews of links, allowing users to view content before deciding to open it on another device. This feature ensures that users can assess the relevance and interest of the content they are sharing.


Pushbullet extends its convenience to messaging as well. With the app, you can send and receive SMS messages directly from your computer using your smartphone’s number. This feature is especially valuable for users who prefer typing on a full-size keyboard when sending text messages or need to manage their text conversations while working on a desktop or laptop.

By integrating your smartphone’s messaging capabilities with your computer, Pushbullet eliminates the need to constantly check your phone for new messages while working or browsing the web, offering a more efficient and productive messaging experience.


Pushbullet’s versatility extends further through its integration with various popular apps and services. The app seamlessly connects with services like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and more, allowing users to receive and respond to messages from these platforms on their computers.

This integration enhances communication by centralizing messaging apps on the desktop or tablet, streamlining conversations, and ensuring that users stay connected without constantly switching between devices. It’s a valuable feature for anyone who relies on these messaging services for personal or professional communication.


Pushbullet’s browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox are essential components of the app’s ecosystem. These extensions allow users to connect their web browsers with their devices seamlessly. Once installed, users can push links, text, and files from their browsers directly to their smartphones or computers and vice versa.

Whether you’re doing online research and need to quickly send a webpage to your smartphone for later reading or you want to share an interesting article with a friend, Pushbullet’s browser extensions simplify these tasks, making your digital experience more convenient and efficient.

Pushbullet: SMS on PC and more Pushbullet: SMS on PC and more Pushbullet: SMS on PC and more


Pushbullet offers users the flexibility to customize notification settings to suit their preferences and needs. You can choose which notifications to forward to your connected devices, ensuring that you only receive updates that matter to you.

Whether you want to stay up to date with work-related emails and calendar events while muting less important app notifications or receive notifications from specific apps on your computer but not your smartphone, Pushbullet’s granular control over notifications ensures a personalized experience tailored to your workflow and priorities.


Pushbullet supports a wide range of platforms, making it accessible to a diverse user base. The app is available on Android and iOS, ensuring compatibility with the majority of smartphones and tablets. Additionally, Pushbullet’s browser extensions are compatible with popular web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, making it accessible to users across different computing environments.

This cross-platform support ensures that users can experience the benefits of Pushbullet, regardless of their device preferences or operating systems, creating a unified digital ecosystem for everyone.


Pushbullet is a versatile and indispensable app that simplifies the way users interact with their digital devices and communicate across multiple platforms. With its seamless device synchronization, instant notification sharing, effortless file sharing, and link sharing capabilities, Pushbullet enhances productivity, connectivity, and convenience in the digital age.

Whether you’re a professional looking to streamline your work processes, a student juggling multiple devices for studying, or simply someone who values a connected and efficient digital experience, Pushbullet offers a solution that unifies your digital world and simplifies your life. With its cross-platform support and integration with popular apps, Pushbullet is the ultimate tool for modern-day digital communication and collaboration. Download Pushbullet today and experience the future of unified digital communication.


  • Seamless Device Synchronization: Pushbullet effortlessly connects your smartphones, tablets, and computers, creating a unified digital ecosystem.
  • Instant Notification Sharing: Forward essential notifications from your phone to your computer or tablet with a few clicks, ensuring you never miss important updates.
  • Effortless File Sharing: Share files of various formats between devices, streamlining document and media transfers.
  • Link Sharing and Browsing: Instantly push webpages from one device to another and preview links before opening, simplifying content sharing and browsing.
  • Texting from Your Computer: Send and receive SMS messages directly from your computer, optimizing texting convenience.
  • Integration with Popular Apps: Seamlessly connect with messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger, centralizing your communications.
  • Chrome and Firefox Extensions: Browser extensions enable easy link, text, and file sharing between your browsers and devices.
  • Personalized Notification Settings: Tailor your notification preferences to receive updates that matter most to you.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Compatible with Android, iOS, Chrome, and Firefox, ensuring accessibility across devices and operating systems.
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