PSPlay: Remote Play MOD APK v6.4.0 (Patched, Optimized)

App Name PSPlay
Size 50M
Mod Features Patched, Optimized
Latest Version 6.4.0
Update February 5, 2024 (3 months ago)
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PSPlay: Remote Play brings your PlayStation games to your fingertips, offering seamless remote gaming, HD streaming, and customizable controls for an immersive gaming experience on the go


PSPlay revolutionizes the gaming experience by offering seamless remote control of your PS console, unlocking the potential to play your favorite games from anywhere. This app has been meticulously optimized to ensure unparalleled streaming experiences with minimal latency, supporting third-party controllers and mobile data connections.

Differences to the official Remote Play app

D-Sense/ D-Shock and 3rd Party Controller Support for All Android Devices

PSPlay sets itself apart by providing extensive support for D-Sense/D-Shock controllers and third-party controllers on all Android devices. This means users can enjoy a wide range of controller options for an enhanced gaming experience.

Mobile Data Support

Unlike the official Remote Play app, PSPlay allows users to utilize mobile data, offering more flexibility and freedom to play games even when away from a Wi-Fi connection. This feature ensures uninterrupted gaming on the go.

Android TV Compatibility

PSPlay extends its compatibility to Android TV devices, transforming your television into a gaming hub. This widens the range of devices where you can enjoy your favorite PS games remotely.

Gamepad Button Mapping

Enjoy a personalized gaming experience with PSPlay’s support for gamepad button mapping. Customize your controls to suit your preferences, providing a tailor-made gaming interface for every user.

Multiple PS Profiles

PSPlay understands the need for personalization, allowing users to register multiple PS profiles. This feature is particularly useful for households with multiple players, ensuring each player can have their own customized gaming setup.

Customizable Onscreen Gamepad Layout

Tailor the onscreen gamepad layout to your liking with PSPlay’s customizable options. This feature enhances user comfort and ensures an intuitive gaming interface.

Rooted Device Support

PSPlay breaks barriers by supporting rooted devices, catering to users who have rooted their Android devices. This expands the app’s compatibility and provides access to a broader user base.

Virtual D-Shock for Your PS

Use PSPlay as a virtual D-Shock controller for your PS, adding versatility to your gaming setup. This feature allows users to employ their mobile device as a controller, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Compatibility with Older PS Firmware

PSPlay doesn’t leave anyone behind, supporting PS firmware from version 5.05 and newer. This backward compatibility ensures users with older PS consoles can also enjoy the benefits of remote play.

Picture-In-Picture and Multi-Window Support

For users with Android 8.0 or newer, PSPlay introduces Picture-In-Picture mode, providing a multitasking experience. Additionally, for those with Android 7.0 or newer, multi-window support is available, enhancing the overall usability of the app.

Screen Recording and Capturing

Record and capture your gaming moments directly from PSPlay. While a third-party app is required for this feature, it adds a layer of versatility for users who want to share their gaming experiences with others.

Hardware Recommendations

To maximize the PSPlay experience, the app recommends a dual-core CPU, 2 GB or more of RAM, a display resolution of 1024 × 768 or higher, and a wired internet connection for your PS. Connecting your device to a 5GHz WiFi network is strongly advised for minimum delays, along with a high-speed internet connection with speeds of at least 15 Mbps for smooth gameplay.

Main Features

Easy Connection Setup

PSPlay ensures a hassle-free gaming experience with an easy connection setup. Users can quickly establish a connection between their device and PS console, minimizing the time spent on technical configurations.

Low Latency Streaming

Experience smooth and responsive gameplay with PSPlay’s low-latency streaming. The app prioritizes providing a lag-free gaming environment, ensuring that the action on-screen corresponds seamlessly to your inputs.

D-Shock and 3rd Party Controller Support

Enjoy the freedom of choice with PSPlay’s support for D-Shock and third-party controllers on all Android devices. This versatility allows users to select their preferred controller, enhancing overall gaming comfort.

Virtual D-Shock Controller

Transform your mobile device into a virtual D-Shock controller with PSPlay. This feature adds a layer of innovation, providing users with an alternative and convenient control option for their PS console.


Users are advised not to upgrade to a newer PS firmware version until PSPlay compatibility is confirmed. If an update has been made and PSPlay is no longer functional, users are encouraged to be patient as the developer works on resolving any compatibility issues.

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