Otherworld Legends MOD APK v2.2.2 (Free Purchases, VIP, Skills No CD)

App Name Otherworld Legends
Size 878M
Mod Features Free Purchases, VIP, Skills No CD
Latest Version 2.2.2
Update March 18, 2024 (1 month ago)
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Otherworld Legends: Explore enchanting realms, master elemental magic, and shape your destiny through immersive storytelling in this captivating and imaginative game.


  • Free purchases for real money (requires Google services and authorization in them to work);
  • VIP purchased (club membership);
  • All characters and their skills are unlocked;
  • Displayed ads;
  • After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the menu mod, which has the following options:
  1. endless gems, sapphires, rubies, weapon boosters, and resurrection cards;
  2. the number of items sold increases;
  3. passive enemies.



NOTE: YOU NEED TO ACTIVATE GODMODE TO ENABLE UNLOCK HERO AND SKILLS. Sometimes you will encounter crash when opening the app. just repeat and reopen to make it work.


  • Unlimited Gems


Otherworld Legends: Unleash Your Imagination

Enter a realm where the boundaries of reality blur, and the extraordinary becomes ordinary. Otherworld Legends, an immersive and captivating game, invites players to journey beyond the confines of our world and explore fantastical realms limited only by their imagination. In this enchanting narrative-driven adventure, players will traverse diverse landscapes, encounter mythical beings, and make choices that shape their destiny. As the story unfolds, the magic of Otherworld Legends unfolds before your very eyes.

Otherworld Legends


A World Within a Game

Otherworld Legends begins with the sudden appearance of a mysterious portal, beckoning players to step into a realm of wonder and intrigue. As they cross the threshold, they find themselves in a world where reality and fantasy coexist. With every step, the lines between what is possible and impossible blur, providing an immersive experience like no other. The portal, a gateway to the unknown, serves as the players’ first taste of the game’s enchantment.


A Tale Woven by Your Choices

At the heart of Otherworld Legends lies a captivating narrative that is deeply influenced by the choices players make. Every decision carries consequences, shaping the story’s direction and determining the ultimate fate of the characters. This interactive storytelling experience ensures that each playthrough is unique, fostering a sense of ownership over the narrative and leaving players eager to explore different paths and outcomes.

Otherworld Legends


Diverse Realms, Each with Its Wonders

Otherworld Legends offers a breathtaking variety of landscapes, each more enchanting than the last. Players can wander through ancient, overgrown forests filled with mythical creatures, explore mystical floating cities in the sky, or venture into the depths of cavernous underground realms teeming with secrets. Every location is meticulously designed to transport players to a different world, promising fresh discoveries at every turn.


Meet Unforgettable Beings

The inhabitants of Otherworld Legends are as diverse and captivating as the worlds they inhabit. From wise and enigmatic sages to mischievous forest spirits, each character is meticulously crafted to feel like a living, breathing entity. Engaging in meaningful conversations with these characters not only provides insight into the game’s lore but also presents players with opportunities to form alliances, uncover hidden truths, or even make powerful enemies.

Otherworld Legends


Mastering the Art of Elemental Magic

In the world of Otherworld Legends, magic is both a tool and a weapon. Players have the opportunity to harness the power of elemental magic, mastering spells that manipulate fire, water, earth, and air. As they progress through the game, their magical abilities evolve, offering a deeper connection to the enchanting worlds they explore. The strategic use of magic adds depth to the gameplay, allowing players to overcome challenges in creative ways.


Challenges That Test the Mind and Spirit

Embark on epic quests that take players on a journey of self-discovery and adventure. Each quest is intricately woven into the game’s overarching narrative, pushing players to confront their fears, unravel complex mysteries, and forge unbreakable bonds with other characters. Along the way, players will encounter puzzles that challenge their intellect, requiring clever solutions and a keen eye for detail.


Forge Your Unique Path

Otherworld Legends grants players the freedom to customize their characters to suit their playstyle and personal preferences. From the choice of weaponry to the selection of magical abilities, every decision contributes to a unique gameplay experience. Whether you prefer to engage in combat with brute force, rely on cunning tactics, or excel in diplomacy, the game accommodates a wide range of playstyles.

Otherworld Legends


Embark on Journeys with Friends

Otherworld Legends offers a rich multiplayer experience that allows players to team up with friends or other adventurers from around the world. Collaborate to overcome challenging quests, explore the game’s vast landscapes together, or engage in friendly competition. The multiplayer mode adds a social dimension to the game, fostering camaraderie and shared adventures that enhance the overall experience.


Visual Splendor and Enchanting Soundscapes

Every element of Otherworld Legends, from its stunning visual design to its enchanting soundscapes, is crafted to transport players to a world of unparalleled beauty and wonder. The game’s graphics boast breathtaking detail, immersing players in lush forests, towering castles, and mystical landscapes. The musical score, composed to perfection, enhances the emotional depth of the narrative, making every moment a memorable experience.


Uncover Hidden Secrets

Otherworld Legends is a game that keeps on giving. Even after completing the main story, players will find hidden secrets, side quests, and alternative paths to explore. The game’s rich lore offers countless opportunities for discovery, encouraging players to revisit their favorite locations and characters. With each playthrough, a new layer of the story unfolds, ensuring that Otherworld Legends remains fresh and engaging.

Otherworld Legends


Otherworld Legends: A Journey Beyond Imagination

In Otherworld Legends, players embark on a journey that transcends the boundaries of reality. The game’s captivating narrative, immersive worlds, and interactive storytelling redefine the gaming experience. With the power of elemental magic at their fingertips and a cast of unforgettable characters by their side, players shape their own destiny in a world where the extraordinary becomes ordinary.

Whether exploring ancient forests, unlocking hidden secrets, or forging alliances in multiplayer adventures, Otherworld Legends offers an endless realm of possibilities. This is a game that invites players to unleash their imagination and become legends in a world unlike any other. The portal awaits—will you dare to step through and become a part of this extraordinary tale?


Otherworld Legends, a captivating and immersive game, offers a range of key features that redefine the gaming experience:

  • Interactive Storytelling: The game’s narrative is deeply influenced by player choices, ensuring a unique and personal journey with each playthrough.
  • Diverse Worlds: Players can explore enchanting landscapes, from ancient forests to mystical floating cities, each meticulously designed to transport them to different realms.
  • Vivid Characters: Inhabitants of Otherworld Legends are diverse and lifelike, with meaningful interactions that shape the course of the game.
  • Elemental Magic: Master elemental magic to manipulate fire, water, earth, and air, adding depth and strategy to gameplay.
  • Epic Quests and Puzzles: Engage in quests that challenge the mind and spirit, unravel mysteries, and solve intricate puzzles.
  • Character Customization: Tailor characters to individual playstyles and preferences, from weapons to magical abilities.
  • Multiplayer Adventures: Collaborate with friends or other adventurers worldwide, enhancing the social dimension of the game.
  • Aesthetic Excellence: Stunning visuals and enchanting soundscapes create a world of unparalleled beauty and wonder.
  • Endless Replayability: Uncover hidden secrets, side quests, and alternative paths, ensuring the game remains fresh and engaging beyond the main story.

Otherworld Legends invites players to embark on a journey beyond imagination, where reality blurs, and the extraordinary becomes ordinary, promising an unforgettable gaming experience.

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