One Shade MOD APK v18.5.8.1 (Pro Unlocked)

App Name One Shade
Size 15M
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
Latest Version
Update April 5, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
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Transform notifications and quick settings. Personalize, bundle, and control with One Shade: Custom Notification app!

Revolutionize Your Notification Experience

One Shade is the ultimate solution to elevate your phone usage experience. This app empowers users to take control of their device’s notification bar and quick settings, providing a fully customizable and modern interface. Say goodbye to the mundane, default settings, and welcome a new era of personalized notifications and quick settings.

Tailor Every Element to Your Liking

One Shade allows users to transcend the limitations of standard layouts. With this app, the base layout is just the beginning; you have the power to personalize every element according to your preferences. From colors to shapes, One Shade ensures that your device truly reflects your style.

Advanced Custom Notifications for Total Control

Unlock the potential of advanced custom notifications with One Shade. Whether you want to receive, read, snooze, or dismiss notifications, this app puts you in the driver’s seat. Take charge of your notifications like never before, making your interaction with incoming messages seamless and efficient.

Immersive Music Experience

One Shade doesn’t stop at notifications; it enhances your music experience too. Enjoy dynamic colors that sync with the currently playing album artwork. Navigate through your tracks effortlessly using the notification progress bar. One Shade transforms your device into a personalized music hub.

Quick Reply: Swift Responses, Always

Responding to messages has never been quicker. With the Quick Reply feature, users can reply to messages immediately upon seeing them, all compatible with Android devices. Stay connected and responsive without the need to navigate away from your current task.

Auto-Bundled Notifications for Simplified Management

Tired of incessant notifications cluttering your screen? One Shade introduces the auto-bundling feature, grouping all notifications from a single app together. Easily manage and control your notifications from the streamlined notification bar, bringing order to the chaos.

Personalized Background Imagery

Express yourself further by setting your favorite image as the background in the shade. One Shade goes beyond functionality and ensures that your device is an extension of your personality, allowing you to choose a background that resonates with you.

Notification Card Themes Inspired by Android 10

Dive into a visually stunning notification experience with themes inspired by Android 10. Choose from Light, Colored, or Dark themes, each offering a unique aesthetic. Dark theme lovers, especially those with AMOLED screens, will appreciate the pure black background that seamlessly blends all notifications.

Total Control with Quick Settings Panel

One Shade extends its customization prowess to the quick settings control panel. From choosing background and foreground colors to adjusting the brightness slider, users have complete control. Display your profile picture in the Shade and select from various tile icon shapes, including circle, square, teardrop, gradients, and more.

Pro-Level Customization: Grid Layout Mastery

For those seeking a professional touch, One Shade offers a Pro feature – change the quick settings grid layout. Adjust the number of columns and rows to create a layout that suits your preferences. The app ensures that you don’t need a custom ROM or root access to achieve these advanced settings.

Seamless Setup with Guided Walkthrough

Setting up One Shade is a breeze, thanks to the guided walkthrough. Users are seamlessly walked through every step, making it easy to configure the app and transform their quick settings area. No custom ROM or root access is required, putting the power of customization in everyone’s hands.

Accessibility Service: Enhancing User Experience

One Shade utilizes the AccessibilityService API to deliver an optimal user experience. Rest assured, the app prioritizes user privacy and security:

  • No personal information is collected through accessibility services.
  • Sensitive screen data or content will not be accessed.
  • Accessibility Permission is required for the app to function properly, ensuring a responsive interaction when triggering the shade and retrieving window content.

Discover More Within: Auto-Expanding Notifications and Element Repositioning

Beyond the highlighted features, One Shade houses additional functionalities like auto-expanding notifications and the flexibility to reposition elements wherever you desire. Dive into the app to explore these hidden gems, enhancing your overall device interaction.

Elevate your device’s aesthetics, functionality, and control with One Shade: Custom Notification. Embrace a new era of personalization and make your phone truly yours.

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