Flipaclip MOD APK v3.9.0 (Premium Unlocked)

App Name FlipaClip
Size 85M
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Latest Version 3.9.0
Update April 23, 2024 (1 day ago)
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FlipaClip: Create frame-by-frame animations with ease! Unleash your creativity using intuitive tools, layers, and audio support. Join a vibrant community of animators and share your art.

MOD Info

– Received PREMIUM
– Ads Removed
– Analytics removed
– Paid options unlocked

FlipaClip is an innovative mobile application that has taken the digital art and animation world by storm. It offers a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of creating animations and brings out the inner artist in everyone. With FlipaClip, users can turn their ideas into captivating animations with ease, making it a must-have app for budding animators, educators, and creative individuals of all ages.

FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation


One of the standout features of FlipaClip is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Upon opening the app, users are greeted with a clean and straightforward design that welcomes both beginners and experienced animators. The layout is thoughtfully organized, with easily accessible tools and options.

The primary workspace in FlipaClip consists of a canvas where users can draw their animations frame by frame. The toolbar at the bottom provides quick access to essential tools, including brushes, colors, layers, and playback controls. This simplicity allows users to focus on their creativity without being overwhelmed by a cluttered interface.


FlipaClip excels in providing a frame-by-frame animation experience. This approach allows users to create animations by drawing individual frames, just like traditional hand-drawn animations. It offers an authentic animation process, enabling users to add subtle nuances to their creations.

Users can draw on each frame with a variety of brushes and tools, adjusting the size, opacity, and color to suit their artistic vision. This meticulous level of control is invaluable for creating professional-grade animations or experimenting with different styles.


To add depth and complexity to their animations, FlipaClip users can take advantage of the app’s layer support. Layers enable animators to separate elements within a scene, making it easier to animate and edit individual components without affecting the entire project.

Whether users want to create a multi-layered background, add characters, or overlay special effects, FlipaClip’s layering system simplifies the process. This feature is especially useful for creating more intricate animations with greater detail.


FlipaClip incorporates a valuable feature called “onion skinning.” This feature allows users to see a faint outline of previous and subsequent frames while working on the current frame. It aids in maintaining consistency in motion and ensuring smooth transitions between frames.

Onion skinning is particularly beneficial for animators who require precise control over their animations. It helps users make subtle adjustments to each frame while maintaining the overall flow and consistency of the animation.


Timing is crucial in animation, and FlipaClip understands this well. The app offers a timeline view that allows users to arrange and adjust the timing of each frame with precision. Animators can easily control the speed and duration of their animations by dragging and resizing frames within the timeline.

This feature is essential for creating animations with specific timing requirements, such as lip syncing, character movements, or synchronized effects. It provides a level of control that is indispensable for both beginners and experienced animators.


Sound and music play a significant role in enhancing the overall animation experience. FlipaClip recognizes this and provides integrated audio support. Users can import audio files directly into their animation projects and synchronize sound effects or music with the visuals.

This feature is especially useful for animators who want to create engaging storytelling experiences or add a touch of realism to their animations. It makes FlipaClip a versatile tool for a wide range of animation projects.

FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation


Once the animation is complete, FlipaClip offers various export options. Users can save their animations in different formats, including GIF, MP4, or even as a FlipaClip project file for further editing. This flexibility ensures that animators can easily share their work on social media platforms, websites, or with collaborators.

Sharing is made simple with FlipaClip’s built-in sharing features, allowing users to showcase their animations to a global audience. This accessibility promotes creativity and encourages collaboration within the FlipaClip community.


To cater to diverse artistic styles and preferences, FlipaClip provides extensive brush customization options. Users can fine-tune brush settings, including size, opacity, hardness, and smoothing, to achieve the desired artistic effect.

This level of customization is particularly valuable for artists who want to experiment with various drawing techniques and create animations that stand out. Whether users prefer a soft watercolor look or a sharp inked style, FlipaClip’s brush customization empowers them to express their unique artistic vision.


FlipaClip is not limited to a single platform; it offers cross-platform compatibility. Users can seamlessly transition between different devices, including smartphones and tablets, without losing their progress. This flexibility ensures that animators can work on their projects wherever and whenever inspiration strikes.

Additionally, FlipaClip supports both Android and iOS devices, making it accessible to a broad user base. This inclusivity fosters a diverse and creative community of animators and artists.


Beyond its entertainment value, FlipaClip serves as an excellent educational tool. It can be used in classrooms to introduce students to the world of animation and digital art. Teachers and educators can leverage FlipaClip to engage students in creative projects that foster artistic expression and storytelling.

Furthermore, FlipaClip offers tutorials and resources within the app, helping users develop their animation skills. These resources cater to users of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced animators, making it a valuable learning platform.


FlipaClip boasts a vibrant and active user community. Users can share their animations on the FlipaClip platform and receive feedback and support from fellow animators. This sense of belonging and collaboration within the community is inspiring and motivating for artists of all ages.

Additionally, FlipaClip facilitates collaboration by allowing multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously. Whether for professional or creative endeavors, this feature enables real-time collaboration and creative synergy among users.

In conclusion, FlipaClip stands as a remarkable animation creation app that simplifies the complex process of animation while offering a wide range of features to cater to the needs of both beginners and experienced animators. Its user-friendly interface, frame-by-frame animation capabilities, layer support, onion skinning, timeline control, integrated audio support, and extensive brush customization options make it a top choice for digital artists and animators. Moreover, its cross-platform compatibility, educational value, and vibrant community foster creativity and collaboration. With FlipaClip, anyone can bring their creative ideas to life through the captivating medium of animation.


FlipaClip offers a comprehensive set of key features that make it an exceptional animation creation app. These features include:

  • User-Friendly Interface: FlipaClip provides an intuitive and clutter-free workspace that welcomes animators of all skill levels.
  • Frame-by-Frame Animation: The app enables users to create animations by drawing individual frames, allowing for meticulous control and authenticity in the animation process.
  • Layer Support: Users can add depth and complexity to their animations with a layering system, simplifying the animation of individual components.
  • Onion Skinning: This feature helps maintain consistency and smooth transitions between frames by allowing users to see faint outlines of previous and subsequent frames.
  • Timeline Control: FlipaClip’s timeline view allows precise timing adjustments, essential for achieving specific animation effects or synchronizing with audio.
  • Integrated Audio Support: Users can import audio files to enhance their animations with sound effects or music, enriching the storytelling experience.
  • Export and Sharing Options: The app offers multiple export formats and built-in sharing features, making it easy to showcase animations to a global audience.
  • Extensive Brush Customization: Artists can fine-tune brush settings to achieve their desired artistic effect, catering to diverse styles and preferences.
  • Cross-Platform Support: FlipaClip is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, allowing users to work on their projects seamlessly across different platforms.
  • Educational Value: The app can be used in educational settings to introduce students to animation and digital art, supported by in-app tutorials and resources.
  • Community and Collaboration: FlipaClip fosters a vibrant user community where artists can share their work, receive feedback, and collaborate on projects in real-time.

In summary, FlipaClip’s key features empower users to create professional-grade animations with ease, whether they are beginners or experienced animators. Its accessibility, educational resources, and collaborative environment make it a versatile tool for fostering creativity and storytelling through animation.

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