Family Hotel v10.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

App Name Family Hotel
Size 165M
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Latest Version 10.0
Update December 9, 2023 (5 months ago)
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Family Hotel Mod Apk: combines heartwarming storytelling with addictive Match-3 puzzles, allowing players to restore a charming hotel while uncovering family secrets. Dive into love, adventure, and renovation!

Family Hotel Mod Apk is a captivating and heartwarming mobile game that combines the addictive puzzle-solving challenge of a Match-3 game with a rich and immersive narrative centered around family, love, and the renovation of a charming but dilapidated hotel. Developed with meticulous attention to detail and a unique blend of gameplay mechanics, this game takes players on an emotional journey filled with twists, turns, and heartwarming moments as they restore the hotel to its former glory.

Family Hotel: love & match-3


At the core of Family Hotel: Love & Match-3 lies a touching story that revolves around Emily, the main character, who inherits an old, run-down hotel from her late grandmother. Players join Emily as she embarks on a remarkable journey to not only breathe life back into the hotel but also rediscover her family’s past and uncover the secrets hidden within its walls. This heartwarming narrative unfolds through beautifully crafted cutscenes, dialogues, and interactions with a cast of endearing characters.


One of the standout features of Family Hotel: Love & Match-3 is its challenging Match-3 puzzle gameplay. Players will find themselves swapping and matching colorful tiles to complete various tasks and objectives. With each successful match, they earn valuable points and resources needed to renovate and upgrade the hotel. The puzzle mechanics are easy to grasp but difficult to master, ensuring players of all skill levels can enjoy the game.


As Emily works tirelessly to restore the family hotel, players have the opportunity to exercise their creative flair. Through an extensive array of customization options, they can design and decorate the hotel to their liking. From choosing wallpaper and furniture to rearranging rooms, every detail is under the player’s control. This level of customization adds a unique personal touch to the gameplay, making every player’s hotel a reflection of their style and vision.

Family Hotel: love & match-3


The game is enriched by a colorful and diverse cast of characters, each with their unique personalities and backstories. Players will form connections and friendships with these characters as they progress through the story. Interactions with them not only reveal crucial elements of the narrative but also add depth and emotional resonance to the gameplay experience.


Emily’s journey to restore the hotel becomes a quest to uncover the secrets that have been hidden within its walls for generations. As players peel back the layers of the intriguing storyline, they will gradually reveal long-buried family mysteries. These revelations add a compelling layer to the narrative, keeping players invested in Emily’s personal growth and the fate of the hotel.


To keep players engaged and motivated, Family Hotel: Love & Match-3 offers a variety of daily challenges and rewards. By completing these challenges, players earn valuable in-game currency, power-ups, and boosters that aid in their progress. These daily activities add an element of strategy and planning, encouraging players to return regularly to the game.

Family Hotel: love & match-3


In addition to the standard Match-3 gameplay, Family Hotel: Love & Match-3 introduces a wide range of power-ups and boosters. These special items provide strategic advantages during puzzle-solving, allowing players to overcome even the most challenging levels. The variety of power-ups adds an extra layer of excitement and depth to the gameplay, keeping it fresh and engaging.


The game’s visuals are a true testament to the dedication of its developers. With stunning graphics and meticulous attention to detail, Family Hotel: Love & Match-3 creates a visually immersive experience. From the charming, old-world aesthetics of the hotel to the vibrant colors of the Match-3 puzzle boards, every element is designed to captivate players’ senses.


The game’s soundtrack complements its heartwarming narrative and engaging gameplay perfectly. A soothing and melodic score accompanies players on their journey, creating a calming and immersive atmosphere. The sound effects are also thoughtfully designed, adding to the overall sensory experience and enhancing the emotional impact of key moments in the story.

Family Hotel: love & match-3


Family Hotel: Love & Match-3 recognizes the importance of social connections in gaming. Players can connect with friends and other players, sharing achievements, sending and receiving gifts, and even visiting each other’s hotels. This social aspect adds a sense of community to the game, fostering friendly competition and cooperation among players.


Family Hotel: Love & Match-3 is available as a free-to-play game, allowing players to dive into its heartwarming world without any upfront cost. While in-app purchases are available for those who wish to enhance their gaming experience, they are entirely optional. Players can progress through the game and enjoy its rich narrative and gameplay without spending a dime.


In Family Hotel: Love & Match-3, players are treated to a unique and emotionally resonant gaming experience. Its combination of challenging Match-3 puzzles, a heartwarming narrative, character development, customization options, and a richly detailed world make it a standout title in the mobile gaming landscape. Whether you’re a fan of puzzle games or a player seeking a touching story, Family Hotel: Love & Match-3 offers a delightful journey filled with love, family, and the joy of transformation. Dive into this enchanting world and experience a game that truly touches the heart.

Family Hotel: love & match-3


  • Heartwarming Narrative: Immerse yourself in a touching story of family and love as you join Emily on her journey to revive the family hotel.
  • Challenging Match-3 Puzzles: Engage in addictive puzzle-solving with a wide variety of Match-3 challenges that are easy to learn but difficult to master.
  • Create Your Dream Hotel: Exercise your creativity by customizing and decorating the hotel according to your preferences, from furniture to wallpaper.
  • Memorable Characters: Build relationships and form friendships with a cast of endearing characters who add depth and emotion to the game.
  • Uncover Family Secrets: Delve into a compelling narrative filled with hidden family mysteries waiting to be revealed.
  • Daily Challenges and Rewards: Stay motivated with daily challenges that offer valuable in-game rewards and bonuses to aid your progress.
  • Power-Ups and Boosters: Utilize a variety of power-ups and boosters strategically to conquer even the most challenging puzzle levels.
  • Gorgeous Graphics and Artistry: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world with captivating graphics and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Relaxing Music and Sound: Enjoy a soothing soundtrack and thoughtfully designed sound effects that enhance the gaming experience.
  • Social Interactions: Connect with friends and other players, share achievements, and visit each other’s hotels for a sense of community.
  • Free-to-Play with In-App Purchases: Play for free with optional in-app purchases to enhance your gaming experience while progressing without spending money.
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