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App Name Facetune
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Latest Version 2.37.0-free
Update April 21, 2024 (4 days ago)
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Facetune AI: Perfect your photos and videos with intelligent editing tools, including advanced retouching, filters, and augmented reality effects.

In today’s visually-driven world, the demand for polished and captivating photos and videos has never been higher. Whether it’s for personal social media profiles or professional marketing campaigns, the quality of visual content matters. This is where Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor steps in—a cutting-edge app designed to revolutionize the way users enhance and edit their photos and videos. Facetune AI combines state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology with a user-friendly interface to offer a comprehensive suite of tools for refining and perfecting visual content. This app is more than just a photo editor; it’s a creative powerhouse that empowers users to unlock their full visual storytelling potential.

Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor


One of the standout features of Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor is its powerful portrait retouching capabilities. With this app, users can effortlessly transform ordinary selfies into magazine-worthy shots. The app’s AI algorithms intelligently recognize facial features and provide a range of enhancement options. Users can smooth out skin imperfections, remove blemishes, whiten teeth, and even reshape their facial features with just a few taps. The result is a natural and stunning portrait that showcases the best version of oneself.


Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor goes beyond basic retouching with its arsenal of precision editing tools. From adjusting lighting and color balance to fine-tuning details like hair and eyes, this app puts the power of professional photo editing in the palm of your hand. Users can enhance the vibrancy of colors, add dramatic filters, and even apply artistic effects to create visually striking images and videos that stand out from the crowd.


Ever wondered what you’d look like with a different hairstyle or makeup? Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor makes it easy to experiment with different looks without the commitment. The app offers a range of virtual makeup and hairstyle options that users can apply to their photos in real-time. This feature allows users to explore new styles and trends before making any physical changes. It’s a fun and creative way to express oneself through visual content.


Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor doesn’t stop at photos—it’s equally adept at enhancing videos. With the app’s AI-powered video editing tools, users can transform ordinary video clips into cinematic masterpieces. From stabilizing shaky footage to adding dynamic transitions and special effects, this app takes video editing to a whole new level. Whether it’s for vlogs, social media content, or professional video projects, Facetune AI has the tools to make videos truly shine.


Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor is designed with user convenience in mind. The app offers a seamless workflow that allows users to edit and enhance photos and videos with ease. Its intuitive interface ensures that both beginners and experienced editors can navigate the app effortlessly. Users can import media from their device’s gallery or capture new content directly within the app. With real-time previews and instant adjustments, the editing process is both efficient and enjoyable.


To cater to a wide range of creative styles, Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor offers a collection of presets and filters. These presets provide a quick and easy way to transform photos and videos with a single tap. However, the app also allows for extensive customization, giving users full control over every aspect of their editing process. Whether you prefer the simplicity of presets or the precision of manual adjustments, Facetune AI has you covered.


Collaboration is key in today’s digital age, and Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor recognizes this need. The app offers collaborative editing features that enable multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously. Whether it’s a team of content creators working on a marketing campaign or friends collaborating on a creative project, Facetune AI’s collaborative tools streamline the editing process and ensure everyone’s vision is realized.

Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor


At the heart of Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor is its cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. The app’s AI algorithms are continually trained to provide the most accurate and realistic editing results. This ensures that users can achieve professional-level enhancements without the need for extensive editing skills. The AI also adapts to user preferences over time, making the editing experience more personalized and efficient.


Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor takes user privacy and security seriously. The app does not store or share any personal or edited content without explicit user consent. All editing is performed locally on the user’s device, ensuring that sensitive data remains private. Facetune AI is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for creative expression.


Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor isn’t just an app; it’s also a community of creators. Users can share their edited photos and videos with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. This platform serves as a source of inspiration, allowing users to discover new editing techniques and styles. It’s a place where creativity knows no bounds, and users can learn, grow, and collaborate with others who share their passion for visual storytelling.


Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor is designed to be accessible to a wide audience. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring that users can enjoy its powerful editing tools regardless of their device preference. The cross-platform compatibility allows for seamless sharing and collaboration among users, regardless of their chosen operating system.


In a world where visual content reigns supreme, Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor emerges as a game-changer. With its powerful portrait retouching, precision editing tools, and AI-powered video enhancements, this app empowers users to elevate their visual storytelling to new heights. Whether you’re a professional content creator or simply want to enhance your personal photos and videos, Facetune AI offers the tools and flexibility to make your creative vision a reality. Join the community of creators, experiment with endless possibilities, and experience the future of photo and video editing with Facetune AI. Download the app today and unlock your full creative potential.


Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor boasts a range of powerful features that make it a standout choice for enhancing and perfecting visual content. Here’s a brief summary of its key features:

  • Powerful Portrait Retouching: Transform ordinary selfies into stunning portraits by smoothing skin, removing imperfections, and enhancing facial features.
  • Precision Editing Tools: Adjust lighting, color balance, and fine details with professional-grade editing tools for photos and videos.
  • Instant Makeovers: Experiment with virtual makeup and hairstyles to discover new looks without any commitment.
  • AI-Powered Video Editing: Elevate video content with AI-driven stabilization, transitions, and special effects for cinematic quality.
  • Seamless Workflow: User-friendly interface with real-time previews and instant adjustments for efficient and enjoyable editing.
  • Presets and Customization: Choose from presets or dive into detailed customization to match your editing style.
  • Collaborative Editing: Collaborate with others on the same project in real-time, perfect for teams and creative collaborations.
  • Cutting-Edge AI Technology: Benefit from continuously improving AI algorithms for accurate and realistic editing results.
  • Privacy and Security: Rest assured that personal data and edited content remain private, with all editing performed locally on the device.
  • Community and Inspiration: Share your creations and be inspired by a vibrant community of like-minded creators.
  • Available Across Platforms: Enjoy Facetune AI on both iOS and Android devices for cross-platform accessibility and collaboration.
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