Dirty Crown Scandal MOD APK v1.4.0 (Free Premium Choices)

App Name Dirty Crown Scandal
Size 120M
Mod Features Free Premium Choices
Latest Version 1.4.0
Update April 8, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
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Navigate palace intrigues, choose love paths, and shape destinies in the sizzling BL adventure, Dirty Crown Scandal.


Unveiling the Palace Secrets

In the immersive interactive choice game, Dirty Crown Scandal: Romance Fantasy BL, players embark on a journey within the Western-style royal romance fantasy BL genre. Craft your own spicy BL story as you navigate the tumultuous world of the palace, where shadows and chilling eyes welcome the protagonist, Matias. The game, presented by Storytaco, promises a rollercoaster of emotions and unexpected turns. Brace yourself as your character’s fate unfolds, dictated by your choices at every crucial moment.


The Crown Prince’s Challenge

Meet Adriel, the Crown Prince with a dangerous edge. Known by hashtags like CrownPrince and TsunderePrince, Adriel issues a warning to Matias. The atmosphere is thick with tension as Adriel declares, As long as you’re here, you’re fated to be devoured. Unravel the secrets behind Adriel’s enigmatic demeanor and navigate the challenges he presents.

CHARACTER 2: Kalcion

The Wounded Soul of the North

Kalcion, also known as the Grand Duke of the North, carries the weight of his past. Tagged as HugePuppy and Charming, Kalcion makes a demanding request that hints at a complex history. Nothing will change. I’ll just do what’s been given to me, he states cryptically. Dive into Kalcion’s story, uncovering the wounds that shape his character and the mysteries he guards.


The Alchemist’s Intriguing Proposition

Shamat, the Alchemist, enters the scene with hashtags like Alchemist and Talented. His proposition takes an unexpected turn as he expresses a desire to examine Matias’ body closely. The atmosphere becomes charged with secrecy as Shamat hints at sharing something even more profound. Unravel the mysteries of alchemy and intimacy as you delve into Shamat’s character.


The Witty Noble with a Curious Mind

Jade, a Noble with a penchant for wit and charm, adds a touch of playfulness to the narrative. Hashtags like Noble and Charming encapsulate his character. Jade’s interest in intense physical contact to open hearts raises questions. I was curious, you know? How much effort it would take for you to catch my eye, he quips. Discover the secrets beneath Jade’s charming facade and engage in intriguing banter.


The Emperor’s Son in a Web of Intrigue

The protagonist, Matias, living an ordinary but content life, is thrust into the palace upon discovering he is the Emperor’s only son. The idyllic facade crumbles as ominous voices echo, warning him of an inevitable fate. The palace, once beautiful, reveals its true nature—a realm of chilling eyes and shadows. Escape becomes impossible as the enigmatic story with Adriel, Kalcion, Shamat, and Jade unfolds.


A Mature Romance Journey

Dirty Crown Scandal caters to mature users, offering a mature romance story. Navigate various character costumes to lead to your desired ending and increase character favorability. Collect high-quality romantic illustrations reflecting various moods. The game promises an immersive experience where your choices shape the narrative and your character’s destiny.


For Those Who Crave Immersive BL Experiences

Dirty Crown Scandal is recommended for those who seek a realistic women-oriented BL, yaoi romance dating simulation game. Encounter sexy and charming characters in a women-oriented role-playing BL yaoi game, complete with immersive visual novel elements. Explore diverse options, make decisions at crossroads, and witness LGBTQ+ yaoi romance unfold. For enthusiasts of both thrilling thriller, otome, and BL yaoi romance simulations, this game promises a captivating experience.

Embark on a journey of passion, secrets, and unexpected twists. Download Dirty Crown Scandal and explore the depths of the palace’s scandalous mysteries.

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