ANOTHER EDEN MOD APK v3.6.50 (Damage, God Mode, Max Level)

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Size 142M
Mod Features Damage, God Mode, Max Level
Latest Version 3.6.50
Update April 12, 2024 (17 hours ago)
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ANOTHER EDEN Global is a visually stunning mobile RPG that offers an epic narrative, strategic combat, time-travel mechanics, and engaging character development in a captivating world.

MOD Info

1. Unlimited damage
2. Godmode
3. Max level
4. Items pickup x10-255
5. 65k GIL per battle

In the vast realm of mobile gaming, where countless titles compete for players’ attention, ANOTHER EDEN Global stands out as a unique and captivating experience. This role-playing game, developed by Wright Flyer Studios and published by GREE, invites players on an extraordinary journey through time and space, combining an enthralling narrative with stunning visuals and a richly detailed world to explore.



At its core, ANOTHER EDEN Global is a testament to the power of storytelling in gaming. The game’s narrative is a meticulously crafted epic that takes players on a whirlwind adventure through time, space, and parallel worlds. The story begins with a seemingly ordinary encounter between the protagonist and a mysterious girl named Kyril. However, this chance meeting sets in motion a chain of events that will unravel the fabric of time itself.

The game’s narrative unfolds through beautifully illustrated and fully voiced cutscenes, immersing players in a world where every character has a unique personality and role to play. The depth of the storytelling is one of ANOTHER EDEN Global’s standout features, and it keeps players engaged as they uncover the mysteries of its intricate plot.


ANOTHER EDEN Global boasts a visually stunning world that is a joy to explore. The game’s art style strikes a harmonious balance between classic 2D pixel art and modern 3D environments, resulting in a unique and charming aesthetic. Every location, from bustling cities to serene forests and mysterious dungeons, is brought to life with meticulous attention to detail.

One of the game’s most enchanting aspects is its diverse array of characters, each beautifully designed and animated. From the fierce warriors to the enigmatic sorcerers, every character feels distinct and memorable. The game’s attention to visual detail extends even to the creatures populating its world, ensuring that every encounter is a feast for the eyes.



The core gameplay mechanic that sets ANOTHER EDEN Global apart is its time-travel feature. Players can venture through different eras, each with its own unique challenges and mysteries to unravel. This mechanic not only adds depth to the gameplay but also provides ample opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Time travel is not a simple gimmick in ANOTHER EDEN Global; it is central to the game’s storytelling and character development. As players journey through various time periods, they meet a diverse cast of characters who join their party, each hailing from a different era. This dynamic ensures that the game remains fresh and engaging as players collect a growing roster of companions, each with their own skills and abilities.


In ANOTHER EDEN Global, battles are a strategic affair. The turn-based combat system is both accessible to newcomers and deep enough to challenge seasoned gamers. Players assemble a team of characters, each with their unique skills and abilities, and engage in thrilling encounters with a variety of foes.

What sets the game’s combat apart is the inclusion of the “Another Force” system. Players can strategically activate this powerful ability during battles, unleashing devastating attacks when the time is right. The strategic depth of combat ensures that players must carefully plan their moves and party composition, making each battle a rewarding experience.



ANOTHER EDEN Global truly shines in its epic boss battles. These larger-than-life encounters are a testament to the game’s strategic depth and challenge players to use their wits and party composition wisely. From colossal dragons to ancient deities, the bosses are not only visually impressive but also require careful planning and execution to defeat.

Boss battles are not just about brute force; they often involve unique mechanics and strategies that keep players on their toes. Victory in these encounters is not just a matter of leveling up but also of mastering the game’s mechanics and devising clever tactics.


As players journey through the game’s rich narrative, they form deep bonds with the characters they meet along the way. ANOTHER EDEN Global places a strong emphasis on the power of friendship and cooperation, both in its storytelling and gameplay.

Players can strengthen their party members’ bonds by participating in character-specific side quests and interactions. These moments of character development add depth to the story and provide valuable rewards, encouraging players to invest in their companions’ growth.



ANOTHER EDEN Global continually surprises and delights its player base with collaborations from various other franchises. These collaborations bring beloved characters from other popular games and media into the world of ANOTHER EDEN Global, offering players exciting new adventures and opportunities to recruit iconic heroes.

Collaborations not only provide fresh content but also serve as a testament to the game’s ability to adapt and stay relevant in the ever-evolving landscape of mobile gaming. Whether it’s teaming up with characters from classic JRPGs or venturing into entirely new realms, ANOTHER EDEN Global keeps players engaged with its dynamic approach to collaboration.


While ANOTHER EDEN Global offers in-app purchases, it remains remarkably free-to-play friendly. The game’s premium currency, Chronos Stones, is readily accessible through gameplay, allowing players to summon new characters and acquire valuable items without spending real money.

Moreover, the game regularly provides generous rewards and events, ensuring that even free-to-play players can enjoy a rewarding experience. ANOTHER EDEN Global strikes a commendable balance between monetization and player satisfaction, making it accessible to a wide audience.



ANOTHER EDEN Global is a game that continually evolves and improves. The development team is dedicated to providing a rich and engaging experience for players, evident through their regular updates, bug fixes, and community engagement.

The game’s developers actively listen to player feedback, ensuring that the player community plays a vital role in shaping the game’s future. With events, new characters, and story chapters being added regularly, ANOTHER EDEN Global remains a living, breathing world that invites players to return time and time again.


In the crowded landscape of mobile gaming, ANOTHER EDEN Global stands as a shining example of what a mobile RPG can achieve. Its masterful storytelling, captivating visuals, and engaging gameplay mechanics come together to create an unforgettable experience that takes players on a journey through time and space. With a commitment to free-to-play accessibility and a constant stream of updates and collaborations, ANOTHER EDEN Global ensures that its players will continue to embark on new adventures for years to come. If you’re seeking a mobile game that offers depth, challenge, and an immersive narrative, ANOTHER EDEN Global is a journey you won’t want to miss.


  • Epic Narrative: Immerse yourself in a meticulously crafted storyline that takes you on a captivating journey through time and space.
  • Visually Stunning World: Explore a visually enchanting world that seamlessly blends classic 2D pixel art with modern 3D environments.
  • Time-Travel Mechanics: Venture through different eras, recruit characters from various time periods, and unravel the mysteries of time itself.
  • Strategic Turn-Based Combat: Engage in thrilling battles with a deep and accessible turn-based combat system, featuring the strategic “Another Force” ability.
  • Epic Boss Battles: Test your skills in challenging encounters with colossal foes, each with unique mechanics and strategies.
  • Power of Friendship: Form deep bonds with a diverse cast of characters and strengthen their connections through character-specific side quests.
  • Collaborations: Experience exciting crossovers with characters from other beloved franchises, adding fresh content to the game.
  • Free-to-Play Friendly: Enjoy accessible premium currency acquisition and generous rewards, making the game enjoyable for both free-to-play and paying players.
  • Constant Updates and Support: Benefit from regular updates, bug fixes, and community engagement to ensure a dynamic and evolving gaming experience.
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